Deepika Vasudevan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Bangalore | NYC | Pittsburgh

Curious about all things stress and ribosome, trying to figure out selective mRNA translation, love a good signaling pathway, easily distracted by data, known cat lady.

Lydia Grmai, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow Baltimore | NYC | Pittsburgh

Following the mysteries of Inter-organ reproductive regulation, maintenance of sexual identity and dimorphism, and how cellular stress impacts reproduction. Sucker for fly genetic tricks + new craft projects, invested in empowering the next generation of scientists.

Manuel Michaca

Graduate student San Diego | Pittsburgh

Trying to figure out the relationship between stress:steroid hormone signaling in the context of lipid metabolism. Adore foxes and long walks.

Chris Garbark

Technician/Lab manager #ForeverPittsburgh

Interested in manipulating translation factors to slow the progression of age-dependent retinal degeneration, exploring quantitative methods of measuring photoreceptor death. Always up for building a new rig in lab, outdoors >> indoors.

Narayanan Nampoothiri

Technician Bangalore | Pittsburgh

Establishing new Drosophila disease models with an eye (pun intended) towards neurodegeneration. Perpetually curious, look for data everywhere. Up for game of cricket any time. Long drives+coffee.

Melissa Mychalczuk

Undergraduate Trainee Scotch Plains | Pittsburgh

Fascinated by the complexity of the human body, interested in Drosophila models of human disease, dance teacher, yogi, coffee aficionado.

Kenza Lahbabi

Undergraduate Trainee White Plains, NY | Pittsburgh

Interested in the impact of stress-response mechanisms on rare diseases and cell competition. Hopeful world traveler, love any food-related activity.

Diya Patel

Undergraduate Trainee Philadelphia | Pittsburgh

Intrigued by the human brain. Up for learning different types of signaling pathways as well as neural connections. Love running and trying different cuisines.


Emily Lackner

IGBP graduate rotation student (Fall 2021)

Vanessa Hong

Summer research intern (Summer 2021)