Deepika Vasudevan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Bangalore | NYC | Pittsburgh

Curious about all things stress and ribosome, trying to figure out selective mRNA translation, love a good signaling pathway, easily distracted by data, known cat lady.

Lydia Grmai, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Baltimore | NYC | Pittsburgh

Following the mysteries of Inter-organ reproductive regulation, maintenance of sexual identity and dimorphism, and how cellular stress impacts reproduction. Sucker for fly genetic tricks + new craft projects, invested in empowering the next generation of scientists.

Chris Garbark

Technician/Lab manager


Interested in manipulating translation factors to slow the progression of age-dependent retinal degeneration, exploring quantitative methods of measuring photoreceptor death. Always up for building a new rig in lab, outdoors >> indoors.

Melissa Mychalczuk

Undergraduate Trainee

Scotch Plains | Pittsburgh

Fascinated by the complexity of the human body, interested in Drosophila models of human disease, dance teacher, yogi, coffee aficionado.

Kenza Lahbabi

Undergraduate Trainee

White Plains, New York | Pittsburgh

Interested in the impact of stress-response mechanisms on rare diseases and cell competition. Hopeful world traveler, love any food-related activity.


Emily Lackner

IGBP graduate rotation student (Fall 2021)

Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh

Inquisitive about stress and the pathways involved. Always down to learn new techniques and open to using any model organism available. Known traveler and love a good place to kayak.

Vanessa Hong

Summer research intern (Summer 2021)

Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh